A New Fabrication Process to Build Quality Optoelectronics

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Researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara have developed an improved fabrication technique to develop deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and other optoelectronics that combat dangerous pathogens.  Through standard metalorganic chemical vapor deposition, high quality aluminum nitride (AlN) films were grown on silicon carbide (SiC) substrates.  The films were both crack-free and low in threading dislocation density, key properties that allow the combined material to serve as a reliable platform upon which the optoelectronic devices can be built.  High coherence between the AlN film and the silicon carbide substrate enabled these positive properties.  In addition to creating a high-quality film, the process is also simple and affordable enough to adapt to industrial applications.  Now that a fabrication process has been established that can create these high-quality AlN films, deep-ultraviolet LEDs can be utilized on an industrial and commercial scale to provide widespread protection against bacterial and viral pathogens.

Figure 1: Crystalline structure of silicon carbide.  Source: Scientific Figure on ResearchGate.

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Image Source: “Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Studies of Carbon Steel alloy in Seawater using; Zirconia, Silicon Carbide and Alumina Nanoparticles” - Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from:

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