Optical Components

Optical components are simple optical elements that are used in the construction of optical systems. Based on their interaction with incident light, optical components can be divided into two categories: transmissive optical components, through which light passes, and reflective optical components, on which the light bounced back. Transmissive optical components include lenses, primes, windows, filters, etc. and reflective optical components include mirrors and retroreflectors. They are widely used in variety optical system including telescopes, microscopes, detectors, cameras, projectors, high power lasers, etc.

MSE Supplies provides customized optical components including: Spherical lens, Cylindrical lens, Prisms, Windows, Mirrors, Filters, Aspheric lens, Fresnel lens, Other types

The optical materials we can provide include: Optical Glass, Fused Silica, Silicon, Germanium, ZnSe, Sapphire, CaF2, MgF2, BaF2, Other optical materials

    We can customize the materials, shape, dimension and coatings based on your needs. Please contact us for customization or bulk order.

    Ball Lenses - MSE Supplies LLC

    Ball Lenses

    $ 1080
    Right Angle Prisms - MSE Supplies LLC

    Right Angle Prisms

    $ 1700
    Protected Aluminum Mirrors - MSE Supplies LLC

    Protected Aluminum Mirrors

    $ 1950
    Glass Fiber Filters - Binder Free - MSE Supplies LLC

    GVS Glass Fiber Filters - Binder Free

    $ 8856 Save $ 6025
    Half-Ball Lenses - MSE Supplies LLC

    Half-Ball Lenses

    $ 1080
    Beam Splitter Plate - MSE Supplies LLC

    Beam Splitter Plate

    $ 1405