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Quick sample delivery, good quality and on time responses all made this company a reliable option for us.

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Mohammadreza Rostami

Fantastic customer service, great wrapping, and amazing experience overall. Definitely would buy from MSE again.

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Merry Madiou

They are a good provider of materials with a wide range of wafers, sputtering targets and substrates.

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Haroldo Hattori

Time and time again MSE has a quick response, quick delivery and quality products. Thanks MSE, you make research easy.

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LaForge Technologies

Absolutely wonderful team that communicates promptly, provides excellent service, and assists with any problems encountered in a timely manner. Highly recommended.

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Sean Yeo

I buy from MSE often. The customer service is top notch! They reply emails diligently and follow up. A real person answers on the first few rings if you call. All representatives I've spoken to have been helpful and delightful. Great selection and products arrive quickly. Great company overall!

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  Julianna Faria

Customer Testimonials:

 A NASA materials scientist provided the following feedback about his experience of ordering products from MSE Supplies:
"Great customer service and support. They always try to get you the specialty products you need and respond promptly to all requests."

An international customer described his experience with MSE Supplies in these words:
 "Quick response to my questions and very good quality of the products delivered."

Carlos Biaou, a PhD student at UC Berkeley worked with MSE Supplies to fabricate several hundred customized ITO and FTO substrates for his thesis research, and he had a very positive feedback on the products and services he received from MSE Supplies.

"The uniformity of the ITO and FTO layers were excellent, and the custom pattern I ordered was well formed."
"The variation in size from substrate to substrate is within the margins of errors I needed, so that's great too."
 "I appreciate the great customer service and diligence you've shown in customizing my substrates."

 Dr. Selma Duhović from MIT has used the ITO and FTO substrates provided by MSE Supplies for smart glass application, and has been very satisfied with the products and services provided by MSE Supplies.

"The FTO and ITO glass slides you sent me work GREAT!"
"The substrates work really well for smart glass application."
"The experiments have gone well!"

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