Gallium Nitride devices and substrate wafer market will grow to $15,6 billion by 2022

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The report Gallium Nitride (GaN) Semiconductor Devices (Discrete & IC) and Substrate Wafer Market by Technology, Application, Product, Device, & by Geography - Forecast & Analysis to 2013 - 2022", defines and segments the global GaN (Gallium Nitride) market, it is expected to reach $15607.85 Million by 2022 with analysis and forecasting the revenues and volumes for the overall market and all its sub-segments.

Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) holds the largest share in Gallium Nitride devices market among all the geographic segments. Owing to huge market potential, increasing focus of the semiconductor industry and diversifying and strengthening value chain segments in the upcoming markets such as China, South Korea, and Taiwan, the revenue share from APAC (excluding Japan) is expected to grow at the fastest rate.

North America and Europe are the primary establishment base markets for GaN semiconductors.

The market of GaN power semiconductor devices is primarily growing due to penetration into the medium-voltage power electronics market and applications across all the major end-user verticals. It is obvious that most of the market revenue comes from the rising number of advanced power applications of industrial, power, solar and wind sector and the sector’s developing globally.

The GaN power devices draw most of their revenue from the Communication Infrastructure sector. They have been solely focusing on replacing their Si counterparts in various RF power devices, particularly in RF communication applications over the past few years.

As we look at the features, GaN devices are smaller, lighter but tougher and efficient compared to silicon semiconductor devices and serve as perfect replacements for their silicon counterpart devices which have hit maturity. GaN devices and wafers also features low sensitivity to ionizing radiation, better stability in some radiation environments, GaN devices also have a future in solar cell arrays, satellites and high-end power appliances in the Military, Defense & Aerospace sector.

These devices also have huge revenue potential in the automotive and transportation sector, mainly in the electric vehicles & hybrid electric vehicles segment of the automotive sector.

GaN power semiconductors possess the potential to operate at higher temperatures, higher power levels and voltages, high frequencies (microwave ranges). The number of applications is increasing day by day in various industries that include telecommunication, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, power and clean-tech applications.

The GaN market’s total competitive landscape had only a handful of players at the beginning of the previous decade, but it quickly emerged into a significant network of key players for both power and opto-semiconductors. Currently, the overall GaN power semiconductors market accounts for less than 1% of the total power semiconductors market (currently at $34 billion including power discretes and power ICs), but over the next ten years, the entire base for power semiconductors & electronics players is expected to penetrate into this new value chain, thereby rapidly increasing the percentage share.

Today’s world includes numerous suitable power applications for GaN in several application segments, such as power distribution systems, industrial systems, heavy electrical systems, turbines, heavy machinery, advanced industrial control systems, electro-mechanical computing systems, and so on, also inclusive of several new power applications (clean-tech) such as High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), Smart Grid Power Systems, Wind Turbines, Wind Power Systems, Solar Power Systems, Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Another application sector is ICT, with several communication application segments such as RF, RADAR, and Satellite communication offering huge revenue potentials owing to the unbeatable ability of GaN to operate at high-frequency ranges, including microwave frequencies.

The potential market size of these massive applications is currently in trillions, making the total addressable market for the GaN power semiconductors worth billions.

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