MSE Supplies LLC is Your Trusted Partner in Materials Research

Reasons why top research universities, national labs and industrial R&D labs across the U.S. have chosen MSE Supplies as a trusted partner to fulfill their research needs.     

Unmatched Customization Solutions 

We understand your research and development needs and can provide the right customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.  All members in our technical support team received PhD degrees in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) from top U.S. universities, and all have more than 10 years of R&D experience as a scientist or an engineer in both academia and industry. 

Promised Quality and Satisfaction 

The products distributed by MSE Supplies are sourced from our trusted manufacturers with ISO9001 Quality Certification, and we periodically audit our manufacturing plants to ensure the high quality standard of our products. Your satisfaction with our products and services is our top priority.  

Guaranteed Best Prices 

No need to shop around.  You are guaranteed to receive the best price among all vendors of the same or comparable products so that you can both save time and have confidence by purchasing from MSE Supplies. Our price matching policy guarantees you the best values.  Call us today for a custom quote.

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