Thin Film Physical Properties Analyzers

Advanced physical properties thin film analyzers and bulk samples customized to meet your requirements.  Please contact us for detailed technical solutions, physical properties testing equipment, and free sample analysis & demo.  

  • Thin-Film Phase Change Temperature Analyzer
  • Thin-Film Thermal Expansion Coefficient Analyzer
  • Thin-Film Optical Power Thermal Properties Analyzer
  • Thermoelectric Parameters Testing System for Thin Films and Bulk Samples
  • Thin-Film Thermal Conductivity Testing System
  • Hall Effect Testing System for Thin Films and Bulk Samples
  • Thin-Film Thermal Resistance Tester
  • Thin-Film Magnetism Testing System
  • Thin-Film Thermal Stress Testing System
  • Infrared Ultra-Rapid Annealing Furnace

    Hall Effect Test System (HET) Optical Power Thermal Analyzer (OPA) Phase Change Temperature Analyzer Thermal Expansion Coefficient Analyzer (TEA)  Thin-Film Thermal Conductivity Test System (TCT) Thermoelectric Parameter Test System (Namicro)Thin-Film Thermal Resistance Tester (TRT) 

    Thin-Film Thermoelectric Parameter Test System (MRS)

    Infrared Lamp Annealer (IRLA) Liquid Nitrogen Thermostat (LNT)

    MSE Supplies ( is a U.S.-based leading supplier of high quality materials and equipment for advanced materials research and production. We provide both standard and custom-made products to meet customer specific requirements. MSE Supplies is the exclusive North America distributor of Wuhan Joule Yacht Science&Technology Co.,Ltd, offering a wide range of Physical Properties Measurement Systems. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. 

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