Metkon Metallographic Sample Preparation/Testing Instruments and Consumables

Metkon products are widely used in Petrography, Metallography and Spectroscopy, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Bearings Manufactures, Foundries, Steelworks, Electronics and Oil Companies. 

Since 1993, METKON as a young and dynamic company, has delivered more than 20,000 instruments globally. Metkon provides innovative Sample Preparation and Testing Instruments and Consumables for Materials and Microstructure Analysis. It offers expertise and know-how to our customers worldwide to enable them to reach the "True and Excellent Sample".

MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor of Metkon Instrument Inc. and has all categories of Metkon instruments and consumables including:

Cutting Machines

Mounting Machines 

Grinding & Polishing Machines

Hardness Testers

Metallurgical Microscopes

Accessories and Consumables for Metkon Instruments


SiC Sand Paper with Friction Foil Back for Sample Preparation - MSE Supplies LLC

Silicon Carbide Sandpaper with Plain Back for Grinding/Polishing

Metkon Cold Mounting Resins and Accessories - MSE Supplies LLC

Cold Mounting Resins and Accessories for Sample Preparation

Diamond Paste/Suspension/Lubricant for Polishing Machines - MSE Supplies LLC

Diamond Paste/Suspension/Lubricant for Polishing Machines