Metkon Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine ACCURA 102

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MSE Supplies offers an Automatic Grinding and Polishing Machine ACCURA 102 from Metkon Instrument Inc. ACCURA 102 is an advanced high end grinding and polishing
system for applications requiring extremely flat specimen surfaces. It is used to prepare high volumes of metallographic, ceramic and mineralogical specimens with consistent reproducible quality.

Country of Origin: Made in Turkey

Manufacturer: Metkon Instruments Inc.

Main Features:

  • Powerful Preparation System with solid frame design on two columns
  • For superior surfaces
  • For a very wide range of applications from very coarse grinding to very fine grinding and polishing
  • Suitable for 250 mm as well as 300 mm dia. applications
  • Programmable sample preparation with colored 7" HMI touch screen control
  • Siemens PLC control unit
  • Base Unit with large 1.5 HP motor
  • Overload protection
  • Variable wheel speed from 50 to 750 rpm
  • Quite belt drive
  • Vibration-free and robust construction
  • Soft Start/Stop
  • Planar grinding feature
  • Complementary or Contra rotational direction
  • Retractable water hose, water supply and drain tubes
  • Motorized positioning of the Head Unit in Z and X axis
  • Pneumatically adjustable central and/or individual force loading system
  • Quick replacement system for both central and individual specimen holders
  • Half-round rotation feature for easy insertion and removal of single specimens
  • With variable specimen holder speed 50-150 rpm
  • 100 Watt DC motor
  • Automatic disc cleaning & drying function with single button
  • Audible warning signal
  • Complete and ready for operation
  • Includes the following standard set of consumables:
    *Special Magnetic Foil, Ø 250 mm
    *Thin Metal Plate(1 pcs), Ø 250 mm
    *Magneto grinding disc 18 mic., 250 mm dia.
    *An assortment of 5 polishing cloths 250 mm dia.
    *Diamond suspensions one of each of 6 mic. and 1 mic., plus lubricant
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    Technical Specifications

    Application of Force Individual + Central
    Individual Force, (N) 5-100
    Central Force, (N) 30-500
    Head Motor, (W) 100
    Motor Power, (HP) 1.5
    Wheel Diameter, (mm) 250/300
    Head Rotation Direction CW
    Wheel Rotation Direction CW/CCW
    HMI Touch Screen, (inch) 7"
    Program Memory 30
    Peristaltic Dispenser Optional
    Grinding Depth Measurement (Z Axis) Optional
    Grinding Depth Measurement Accurracy (μm) 10
    Horizantal Positioning Yes
    Horizantal Positioning, (mm) 50
    Dimensions, W x D x H, (cm) 73 x 79 x 73
    Weight, (kg) 200
    Power Supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz. 1 ph.


    • ENVIRO Recirculating Filtering System
    • Power Supply Transformer kit for 115 V, 50/60 Hz. 1 ph.
    • Special Plexyglass Protection Unit
    • Barcode Scanner
    • Dosing Modules
    • Operational Accessories 
    • Specimen Holders for Individual Force Application
    • Specimen Holders for Central Force Application
    • Accessories for specimen loading (Central Force)
    • Spare Part Kit
    • Other Accessories


    • Paper Grinding Discs, Foil Back, for CATCHY System (100 Pcs. Per Pack)
    • CATCHY System Accessories (1 Pc. Per Pack)
    • MAGNETO Diamond Coarse Grinding Discs (1 Pc. Per Pack)
    • MAGNETO-S Silicon Carbide Grinding Discs (1 Pc. Per Pack)
    • Magnetic System Accessories (1 Pc. Per Pack)
    • Polishing Cloths (Self-adhesive, 10 Pcs. Per Pack)
    • Diamond Pastes, Monocrystalline 
    • Diamond Pastes, Polycrystalline
    • Diamond Suspensions, Monocrystalline
    • Diamond Suspensions, Polycrystalline
    • Diamond Two in One Products, Monocrystalline
    • Diamond Lubricant
    • Alumina Suspensions
    • Alumina Powder
    • Colloidal Silica

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    About Metkon: Since 1993, METKON as a young and dynamic company, had delivered more than 20,000 instruments globally. Metkon provides innovative Sample Preparation and Testing Instruments and Consumables for Materials and Microstructure Analysis. It offers expertise and know-how to our customers worldwide to enable them to reach the "True and Excellent Sample". 

    MSE Supplies is an authorized distributor for Metkon Instrument Inc.