Ceramic Media for Shot Peening, Blast Cleaning and Microblasting

Ceramic shot blasting beads have a place in many applications, including shot peening, blasting and microblasting. At MSE Supplies, we carry blasting beads with the right qualities for each application. 

Ceramic Shots for Blast Cleaning and Microblast 

Our ceramic shots for blast cleaning and microblasting can reduce bead consumption 30 to 40 times compared to glass beads.

Ceramic Shots for Blast Cleaning & Microblast

Features of Ceramic Media Shots 

This blasting media offers a lower metal surface roughness, lower abrasive velocity and lower operating pressure requirements than glass. These highly spherical and smooth surface beads have strong mechanical resistance and high toughness for cleaning and microblasting while being gentle enough to preserve equipment and tools. Low dust production and chemically inert material result in a cleaner work environment free from metallic contamination. 

Cleaning and Microblast Applications for Shot Media 

Common applications for these beads include cleaning and surface preparation for moulds, castings and delicate items, encompassing these tasks:

  • Deburring
  • Etching
  • Paint removal
  • Cosmetic finishing
  • Other microblasting processes

This media is also an excellent choice for air or wet pressure blasting in wheel turbine machines.

Ceramic Shot Peening Media 

MSE Supplies is a trusted supplier of ceramic shots designed for shot peening.

Ceramic Shots for Shot Peening

Features of Ceramic Peening Shots 

This shot peening media offers the highest durability on the market due to its mechanical strength and toughness. These shots also minimize machine wear, as a lower throwing velocity is necessary to achieve the same peening intensities as other media. Other features of our ceramic shot peen media include:

  • Consistent size, shape, hardness, density and distribution
  • Low dust generation
  • No metallic contamination

Peening Applications for Ceramic Beads 

The most common applications for these ceramic beads are:

  • Shot peening to improve longevity by relieving stress and straightening or bending the workpiece
  • Intensive use on wheel turbine machines and high-strength steel (HSS) at the same intensity range as steel shots

Source Ceramic Shot Peening Media From MSE Supplies

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