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Fluoride (KSF) Red Phosphors

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Product details:

The KSF phosphor is a kind of narrow-band emission red phosphor, which is mainly used in the packaging of high color gamut liquid crystal backlights and high color rendering white LEDs. It has the characteristics of high light efficiency and high color purity. The unique crystal synthesis technology ensures good resistance to degradation.

SKU#: LM0106

Typical Chemical Composition:

K2 (Si, Mn)F6

This material has to be shipped as a hazardous material:

        UN number: 2655 Class: 6.1  Packing Group: III
        Proper shipping name: Potassium fluorosilicate
        Poison Inhalation Hazard: No


Item 1931-CIE Chromaticity x 1931-CIE Chromaticity y Emission Peak Wavelength (nm) Excitation Wavelength (nm) Particle Size (um)
Fluoride (KSF) Red Phosphors 0.691 0.309 631 445-465 25
0.690 0.309 631 445-465 30