MSE PRO Alkaline Earth Silico-aluminate Photoluminescent Pigment

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Product details:

Photoluminescent pigment (luminous powder, long afterglow fluorescent powder)is a kind of light energy storage powder which can glow in the dark after absorbing various visible light under 450 nm and can be reused for many times. The product can be mixed as additive with the transparent media as coating, printing ink, paint, plastics, printing paste, ceramics, glassware and fiber to enable the media to glow in the dark. The pigment can glow different colors in the dark, and works with good performance for low-location emergency lighting, indication marks and decorations. The pigment is widely used in the fields of consumer goods, decorations, communication and transportation , military facilities, and fire emergency system etc. 

Alkaline earth silico-aluminate photoluminescent pigment, which is combined the character of high afterglow luminance for alkaline earth aluminate photoluminescent material and rich in color for alkaline earth silicate photoluminescent material. These products can glow more than 12 hours after absorbing various visible light or ultraviolet radiation. It has excellent stability and weatherability. The features are 220-550mcd/m2 in luminance and more than 12 hours long afterglow time and rich in color, the physical properties are as tabled below:

SKU# LM0204
Body Color
light green to yellow green
Emitting color
yellow green
MeO·xAl2O3·ySiO2: Eu (Me=Ca, Mg, Sr, Ba, x=0.5-2., y=0.01-0.5)
Excitation wavelength(nm)
Emission wavelength peak(nm)
Medium Particle size(μm)
Afterglow brightness(mcd/m2
Afterglow time
Light resistance
Chemical stability
Excellent, Slowly decomposed in water. (The product can be waterproof by further treatment)
Temperature tolerance
Luminescent brightness is weaken along with the elevated temperature and extended time during 250-600
Allowable temperature
    ⑴The unit of particle size is μm. The particle size is expressed by Medium Particle size
    ⑵The unit of afterglow brightness is mcd/m2. All the tests are executed according to the standard of DIN67510, which is to detect afterglow brightness of the sample for 10 min excited by D65 standard light source illumination of 1000LX for 5 min.