IKA VACSTAR Control Vacuum - MSE Supplies LLC

IKA VACSTAR Control Vacuum Pump

$ 5,07095 Save $ 26700
IKA VACSTAR Digital Vacuum (285 - 1200 rpm) - MSE Supplies LLC

IKA VACSTAR Digital Vacuum Pump

$ 2,84995 Save $ 15000
IKA VC 10 Pro Vacuum - MSE Supplies LLC

IKA VC 10 Pro Vacuum

$ 2,04095 Save $ 4200
VCV 2 Vacuum Control Valve Digital - MSE Supplies LLC

IKA VCV 2 Vacuum Control Valve Digital

$ 1,50795 Save $ 3100
IKA VC 10 Lite Vacuum - MSE Supplies LLC

IKA VC 10 Lite Vacuum

$ 1,35395 Save $ 2800
IKAVC 10.400 Stand Vacuum - MSE Supplies LLC

IKAVC 10.400 Stand for VC 10 Vacuum Controller

$ 36695 Save $ 800
IKA VC 10.300 Check Valve Vacuum - MSE Supplies LLC

IKA VC 10.300 Check Valve for VC 10 Vacuum Controller

$ 28095 Save $ 600

What are Life Science Products?

Life science products are specialized equipment, tools and consumables that facilitate precision results in experiments, research and analysis in biotechnology and life sciences. 

Our life sciences products range from large-scale machinery, such as the MSE PRO Low-Temperature CO2 Incubator Shaker, which aids in cultivating cells, tissues and bacteria, to analytical devices like the MSE PRO 96-Well Real-Time PCR Machine for amplifying and quantifying RNA/DNA segments. We offer polypropylene carboys for safe storage for solutions and reagents.and many microcentrifuge/centrifuge consumables. MSE Supplies also provides new and innovative research technology from Nanocrine, which consists of new methods of cell culture techniques. 

What Applications Are Life Science Products Used For?

Life science products serve as the foundation for numerous applications. If your laboratory is conducting any sort of in vivo or in vitro studies, MSE Supplies has you covered with our selection of Life Science products. They are integral to cell biology for studying cell growth, differentiation and response to stimuli. In genetics, they aid in gene mapping and cloning, helping researchers study heredity and genetic disorders.

For biochemists, life science supplies are indispensable for protein analysis, metabolic pathway studies and examining molecules within living systems. In medical research, these products support endeavors from disease modeling to drug mechanism studies. Additionally, life science products are pivotal for culturing, studying and combating pathogenic microorganisms in areas like virology and bacteriology.

Why Order Life Science Products from MSE Supplies

MSE Supplies is your premier choice for life science products. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Superior Quality: Our life science supplies, from molecular tools to cellular equipment, uphold the highest standards of manufacturing and efficacy.
  • Value: With MSE Supplies, you receive unparalleled value – top-tier products at the market’s lowest prices.
  • Customization: Whether it's specific dimensions for coated surfaces or varying capacities for equipment, we tailor our products to your unique requirements. Request a free quote.
  • Expert Support: Our seasoned biotechnologists and researchers are ready to support your project with industry-leading knowledge and guidance.

Order Life Science Products from MSE Supplies Today

Review our special offers and programs so you can maximize your savings. Then, order the life science products you need from MSE Supplies, where quality and expertise matter.

Our industry-leading support is ready to answer your questions. Contact us online or call 1-866-673-7759.