High Purity Inorganic Chemicals

High Purity Inorganic Chemicals with 99.9% (3N) or higher purity levels (99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N, 99.9999% 6N) are widely used in optical materials, photonics, technical ceramics, glass. MSE Supplies offers both standard and custom-made High Purity Inorganic Chemicals. Please contact our scientists today to discuss your needs for customized high purity inorganic chemicals.

Dysprosium (III) Oxide (Dy<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>) Powder 99.99% 4N,  MSE Supplies LLC

Dysprosium (III) Oxide (Dy2O3) Powder 99.99% 4N

$ 22500