High Purity Inorganic Chemicals

High Purity Inorganic Chemicals with 99.9% (3N) or higher purity levels (99.99% 4N, 99.999% 5N, 99.9999% 6N) are widely used in optical materials, photonics, technical ceramics, glass. MSE Supplies offers both standard and custom-made High Purity Inorganic Chemicals, including most high purity rare earth oxides. Please contact our scientists today to discuss your needs for customized high purity inorganic chemicals and rare earth oxides. For larger quantity orders, please contact us for bulk order discounts.

3N (99.9%) 150nm Silicon (Si) Nanopowder - MSE Supplies LLC

3N (99.9%) 150nm Silicon (Si) Nanopowder

$ 10900
100g 3N (99.9%) 50nm Silicon (Si) Nanopowder - MSE Supplies LLC

3N (99.9%) 50nm Silicon (Si) Nanopowder

$ 10900
5N (99.999%) Silicon (Si (P-type)) 1-6mm Pieces Evaporation Materials - MSE Supplies LLC

5N (99.999%) Silicon (P-type Si) Pieces (1-6mm) Evaporation Materials

$ 10495