MSE PRO 0.5-2um Co-N-C Single Atom Catalyst (SAC), 2g

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MSE PRO™ 0.5-2um Co-N-C Single Atom Catalyst (SAC), 2g

MSE PRO™ Co-N-C Single Atom Catalyst (SAC) utilizes a single atom attached to the carrier surface through heteroatom bonding, resulting in a highly efficient catalytic process. Due to its unique, strategic positioning, this single atom catalyst creates new, highly active sites and pathways for catalytic reactions. Support matrices, such as carbon materials, provide anchoring sites for individual metal atoms, as well as modifying the charge density and electronic structure through strong interfacial interactions. This results in enhanced catalytic efficiency.

MSE Supplies offers a variety of atomic catalyst, include Co, Fe, and FeCo contented products as well as other regular catalyst such as Copper catalyst. Please contact us for more information.


SKU# PO9602
Product Name Co-N-C SAC
Package 2g/bottle
Diameter 0.5-2μm (TEM)
Appearance Black powder
C Content 65-75wt.% (XPS)
N Content 10-20wt.% (XPS)
Co Content 4-6wt.% (XPS)
Application Fields Catalytic oxidation, catalytic reduction, nanoenzymes, etc.

Note: This content data is a singular measurement and may vary between batches.


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