Graphene and Graphene Oxide

MSE Supplies is a US-based supplier of high quality graphene powders, graphene films (mono-layer or multi-layer graphene) and monolayer graphene oxide products (dry powder or dispersion in water) to both research labs and industry customers. Our customers include leading research institutions and technology companies worldwide.  

MSE Supplies guarantees the high quality and best price on the market for our graphene products for graphene oxide battery. When you buy graphene oxide products from MSE Supplies, you will save ~50% or more compared to prices listed by other re-sellers such as Sigma-Aldrich 

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Technical Info: Transfer and Post Processing of CVD Graphene FilmInstructions on Monolayer Graphene Film with "Easy Transfer"

Graphene Oxide Field-Effect Transistors (GOFETs) for Sensing Applications - MSE Supplies LLC

Graphene Oxide Field-Effect Transistors (GOFETs) for Sensing Applications

$ 57500