Monolayer Graphene Film on SiO2/Si (10 mm x 10 mm)

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Monolayer Graphene Film on SiO₂/Si (10 mm x 10 mm)

Monolayer Graphene produced by CVD on copper catalyst and transferred to a SiO2/Si substrate using wet transfer process.

This product is ideal for R&D departments and universities.


  • · Transparency: > 97 %
  • · Coverage: > 95%
  • · Thickness (theoretical): 0.345 nm
  • · FET Electron Mobility on Al2O3: 2000 cm2/Vs
  • · Hall Electron Mobility on SiO2/Si: 4000 cm2/Vs
  • · Sheet Resistance: 450±40 Ohms/sq (1cm x1cm)
  • ·Grain size: Up to 10 μm


  • Dry Oxide Thickness: 300 nm (+/-5%)
  • Type/Dopant: P/Bor
  • Orientation: <100>
  • Resistivity: <0.005 ohm="" cm="" li="">
  • Thickness: 525 +/- 20 μm
  • Front surface: Single Side Polished
  • Back Surface: Etched
  • Particles: <10@0.3 μm


All our samples are subjected to a rigorous QC in order to ensure a high quality and reproducibility of the graphene. Each batch must pass the following tests:

  • Raman Spectroscopy: I(G)/I(2D)<0.7; I(D)/I(G)<0.05
  • Optical Microscopy inspection of each individual sample to ensure good transfer quality and purity


Graphene research, Graphene transistors and electronic applications, Graphene optoelectronics, plasmonics and nanophotonics, Graphene photodetectors (measure photon flux or optical power), Biosensors and bioelectronics, Aerospace industry (electronics, thermal interface materials, etc.), MEMS and NEMS


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