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MSE PRO 50g Graphene Powder for Electrical and Thermal Conduction

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Electrical and thermal conduction type graphene powder

Product SKU#: PO0714

Package Size: 50g per bottle (for bulk orders, please contact us for a quote)

Product details:
This electrical and thermal conduction type graphene powder is prepared by thermal exfoliation reduction. It is highly reduced (C ≥98 wt%) which delivers a super conductivity of ≥8000 S/m. It has a lower percolation threshold value than that of conductive carbon black. It can be easily dispersed for coating application and 1~3 wt% is suggested for conductive coating application. When used as additives in cathode or anode of lithium ion battery, it can increase the battery’s capacity, cycling life, and rate retention. It also can be integrated in highly thermal conductive composites and thermal radiation coatings.


    Appearance Black powder
    Package size 50g per bottle
    Graphene layers multi-layer graphene
    pH 6.0~8.0
    Tap density <0.1 g/cm2
    Specific surface area (SSA) 400~550 m2/g
    Water content <1.0 wt%
    Particle size D50 <10.0 um
    C content ≥98 wt%
    O content <1.0 wt%
    S content <0.1 wt%
    Electrical Conductivity ≥8000 S/m
    Dry the graphene powder at 120℃ before use to ensure the best performance


    This graphene powder product is used for coatings, printing inks, polymers, composites, batteries, thermal conductive gels, LED, and other applications.

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