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Benchtop Pouch Cell Aluminum Laminated Film Case Top and Side Sealer

  • $ 4,19500


MSE Supplies offers a benchtop heating sealer for pouch cell research. It is widely used to seal the side and top with tabs before electrolyte injunction. It is compatible with the electrodes punched by our "Desktop Pneumatic Die Cutter".  

MSE Supplies is a US-based leading supplier of battery research materials and equipment with thousands of customers worldwide. 

    SKU 110V- BR0250; 220V-BR0250B
    Sealing Length 190mm (Customizable) 
    Sealing Width 5mm (Customizable 3.2~6mm )
    Sealing Thickness 0.15~0.3mm (depends on Al film thickness)
    Sealing Blade Soft sealing blade
    Sealing Temperature 0~200℃
    Sealing Time 0~99s
    Voltage 110V,220V
    Net Weight 35kg
    Dimension 355x393x470mm
    Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime product support 

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