Five Applications Of Graphene Oxide

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Graphene is made of carbon atoms that bond together in repeating hexagonal patterns. The arrangement of carbon atoms gives it numerous extraordinary properties, including improved conductivity and transparency. Even though it is lightweight, graphene is one of the most robust materials available. Due to this property, graphene is used across various industries, including electronics, aviation, and medicine.

Graphene oxide is a derivative of graphene. It consists of a single layer of atoms and is prepared by subjecting graphite to oxidization. Because of the presence of oxygen-containing groups, it can dissolve in solvents easily. Graphene oxide is available commercially in powder form, dispersed, or as a coating on substrates. Graphene oxide price is relatively affordable, which makes it highly valuable in the marketplace.

Applications of Graphene Oxide

  • In the formation of graphene oxide, you can vary the formation of various oxygen-containing groups. It helps to give rise to control multiple excellent physical properties. Based on the oxidation degree, you can suppress the thermal conductivity, optical transparency, and fluorescence, other optical properties of the compound. Hence, it helps to achieve high performance in the applications in which it is used. Such electrical and mechanical properties make it helpful in developing transparent and flexible conductors, field-effect transistors, electrical and optical sensors, fluorescence quenchers, LED (light-emitting diodes), and more. Metal nanoparticles can enhance the optical nonlinearity and fluorescence of graphene oxide.
  • Graphene oxide is helpful for water treatment. It has good hydrophilicity and has shown to be a promising membrane for terrestrial and space-born water purification applications. It can effectively remove highly hazardous contaminants that previous technologies could not remove.
  • Graphene oxide is increasingly being used in nanomedicine. The functionalized graphene oxide sheets and nanoparticles (NPs) find use in delivery systems, tissue engineering, cancer therapies, imaging, and cytotoxicity, and in many areas of regenerative medicine.
  • The use of graphene oxide in material science is ever increasing. It possesses potential applications in drug delivery due to its exceptional physicochemical properties and two-dimensional unique planar structure. Other properties such as large surface area, chemical and mechanical stability, superb conductivity, and good biocompatibility mark the advancement of graphene oxide in biomedical applications. It proves helpful in new drug delivery concepts based on controlling mechanisms, such as targeting and stimulation with pH, chemical interactions, thermal, photo- and magnetic induction, and more. The fluorescent property of graphene oxide makes it useful for the production of various medical applications.
  • The films of graphene oxide can quickly deposit on the surface of any substrate. You can convert it into a conductor in the later stages. Hence, graphene oxide is helpful for the production of transparent conductive films in flexible electronics, solar cells, and chemical sensors. Graphene oxide is cheaper and easier to manufacture than graphene. It is widely being used as an electrode material for batteries, capacitors, and solar cells.

To Conclude:

The potential fields of applications of graphene oxide include medicine, electronics, energy devices, sensors, environment, and many more. It is likely to enter mass production sooner, which will render it commercially crucial in the marketplace.

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