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Advanced Materials

MSE Supplies' extensive portfolio of advanced materials are uniquely suited to meet the requirements of today's most challenging applications and innovations. We offer various advanced materials including sputtering targets, battery materials and nano materials for battery research and development, semiconductors, biosensors, etc.

High Purity Inorganic Chemicals
Evaporation Materials
Luminescent Materials - Phosphors
Lithium Battery Materials
Nano Powder Materials
Single Crystals, Wafers and Substrates
Sputtering Targets
Molecular Sieves
Graphene and Graphene oxide
Optical Components

Laboratory Equipment

MSE Supplies is a leading supplier of laboratory equipment in the US. Our selection of lab equipment consists of the best quality from many leading brands. We offer battery manufacturing equipment from electrode preparation to battery sealing and testing. Besides, we have various lab equipment such as sputter coaters, planetary ball mills, lab furnaces, etc.

Arc Melting and Quenching Equipment
FAST /SPS Sintering  Equipment
Nabertherm Laboratory Furnaces
Ball Mills, Milling Jars & Milling Media
Pellet Pressing Dies and Press
Scribing, Cleaving and Cutting Tools for Wafers
Shakers and Lab Equipment
Vacuum Pumps
Electrochemical cells
Battery Test Equipment
Lithium Battery Materials and Equipment
Encapsulation Units
Moorfield Benchtop CVD/PVD/Etching Systems

Lab Supplies

When it comes to Lab Supplies, you can count on MSE Supplies. Supplies and solutions for every industry, plus easy ordering and professional customer support. We offer various supplies and consumables for battery research including current collectors, binders, cathode and anode materials, solid-state electrolytes, etc. We also offer lab supplies for semiconductors and biotech research.

Evaporation Materials
Biotech lab supplies
Battery Research Supplies
Nano Powder Materials
High Purity Lab Crucibles
ITO & FTO Substrates
Milling and Grinding Media Balls and Beads
Other Lab supplies
Single Crystals, Wafers and Substrates
Wafer Carrier Cases, Membrane Boxes, Sticky Gel Boxes


MSE Analytical Services department provides high-value materials characterization analytical services with a large number of advanced analytical instruments available to measure your samples. We offer power analysis (e.g. powder XRD, laser particle size analysis), surface characterization (e.g. AFM, XPS, SEM), pore structure tests such as BET characterization and mercury porosimetry, and even ICP-MS/ICP-OES to identify chemical compositions for samples. Accurate, Efficient, and Affordable materials analytical services with the guaranteed best value.

Analytical Services

Other Products

MSE Supplies is your source for innovative, indispensable lab equipment, lab supplies, and analytical services. View our wide selection of products for scientific research and production both standard and custom-made for you.

Customization Services