Stainless Steel Roller Mill Jars (Grade 304 SS or Grade 316 SS)

Product Description
  • Made of Stainless Steel (grade 304 or grade 316), corrosion resistant.
  • Lid, gasket, and clamps are included. 
  • Cylindrical steel jars are easy to pour and easy to clean. Minimal cross contamination. 
  • Abrasion resistant for long lasting milling. 
  • Anti-leaking safe design, easy lock and roll design.
  • No dead end, good for both dry mill and wet mill. 

The difference between 316 and 304 stainless steel

Similar to 304 stainless steel, Grade 316 stainless steel has high amounts of chromium and nickel. A major difference between 304 and 316 stainless steel is the the amount of molybdenum (Mo) in the chemical composition, with 316 stainless steel containing 2 to 3 percent by weight of molybdenum vs only trace amounts found in 304 stainless steel. The higher molybdenum content results in grade 316 possessing increased corrosion resistance, and therefore the grade 316 stainless steel is more suitable for food and biomaterials processing. Grade 316 stainless steel is also called food grade stainless steel.  

    0.5L (500ml) Stainless Steel Roller Mill Jar - 304 or 316 Grade - MSE Supplies LLC

    0.5L (500ml) Stainless Steel Roller Mill Jar - 304 or 316 Grade

    $ 38900