Silicon Nitride Membrane Windows

Silicon nitride membrane window refers to a layer of silicon nitride deposited onto the silicon and go through patterning and etching process (MEMS process) in order to manufacture desired shape of silicon nitride membrane window. Silicon nitride membrane window offers excellent optical clarity, high mechanical strength, resistance to high temperature (up to 1000°C) and corrosion, which make it suitable for harsh environments. It is often used for microscopy (TEM, SEM, AFM/SPM, etc.), spectroscopy, optical sensing, semiconductors and many other applications.

MSE Supplies offer various silicon nitride membrane windows for different applications. Please contact us for bulk or customized order.

  • Silicon Nitride Membrane Windows for TEM (Single Window)
  • Silicon Nitride Membrane Windows for TEM (Multiple Windows)
  • Perforated Silicon Nitride Membrane Windows for TEM 
  • Silicon Nitride X-Ray Windows

    Comparisons between different windows.

    Perforated windows advantages over standard windows

    • Improved material transmittance
    • Faster sampling speed
    • Better material stability
    • Improved durability
    • Higher flux

    Comparison between X-ray windows and TEM windows:

    • Radiation ability: X-rays require thicker window materials to withstand their radiation. Therefore, the material thickness of X-ray windows is usually thicker than TEM windows.
    • Imaging ability: X-rays have strong penetration power and can penetrate thicker samples, but are not suitable for high-resolution imaging. TEM requires very thin samples so that electrons can pass through and form high-resolution images. Therefore, TEM windows require thinner materials. 
    • Transmittance: TEM windows require high transmittance to ensure enough electrons to pass through and form high-quality images. For X-ray windows, transmittance is not the most important factor because X-rays usually require longer exposure times. 
    • Preparation technique: Since TEM windows require very thin materials, the preparation process is relatively complex and requires precise control of thickness. For X-ray windows, the preparation process is relatively simple.

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