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Perforated Silicon Nitride Membrane Windows for TEM (Pack of 10)

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Perforated Silicon Nitride Membrane Windows for TEM (Pack of 10)

MSE Supplies offers low stress perforated silicon nitride membrane windows. A layer of silicon nitride is deposited onto the silicon and go through patterning and etching process (MEMS process) in order to manufacture desired shape of silicon nitride membrane window. Perforated silicon nitride membrane window offers excellent optical clarity, high mechanical strength, resistance to high temperature (up to 1000°C) and corrosion, which make it suitable for harsh environments. It has holes that perform better in terms of optical properties, which makes it suitable for material characterization applications. It is often used for microscopy (TEM, SEM, AFM/SPM, etc.), spectroscopy, optical sensing, and many other applications.

Perforated windows advantages over standard windows

  • Improved material transmittance
  • Faster sampling speed
  • Better material stability
  • Improved durability
  • Higher flux


Frame Diameter: 3 mm 

Frame Thickness: 200 µm

Membrane Thickness (nm) Window Dimension (mm) Pore Size (μm) Array SKU#
50 0.05x0.05 0.1 25x25 WA5201
0.3 25x25 WA5202
0.5 25x25 WA5203
1 15x15 WA5204
0.5x0.5 5 49x49 WA5205
10 32x32 WA5206
20 19x19 WA5207
30 13x13 WA5208
200 0.05x0.05 0.3 25x25 WA5209
0.5 25x25 WA5210
1 15x15 WA5211
0.5x0.5 10 32x32 WA5212
20 19x19 WA5213
30 13x13 WA5214

Please contact us for bulk order or customized shape, size, thickness and substrate.