Powder Processing Equipment by Dr. Fritsch

As the oldest and largest manufacturer in this sector, Dr. Fritsch leads the development and production of SPS / FAST machinery. Dr. Fritsch also offers pre-sintering powder processing equipment to help our clients building more efficient production lines.

More uniform sintered microstructure can be achieved by to mixing powder with different size or composition using mixers. Granulating the powder before pressing  will help reduce die weariness, improve the distribution of powder in the mold and reduce powder dust in the air. Precise dosing is critical for steady quality of sintering parts. Cold pressing is used to create high density green bodies before sintering. The aforementioned machines are just as much a part of the product portfolio as complete automated production lines for the industry. A portfolio of services and products that is unique and gives our clients important competitive advantages worldwide. 

MSE Supplies LLC is the designated distributor of Dr. Fritsch Products in the United States.

All customer services are provided by MSE Supplies and all spare parts and accessories are shipped from the USA, which keeps the cost low and delivery fast for the customers of Dr. Fritsch products.

High Performance Dr. Fritsch 3D Powder Shaker Mixer - MSE Supplies LLC

High Performance Dr. Fritsch 3D Powder Shaker Mixer