Aluminum Chromium Sputter Target AlCr, CrAl

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Aluminum Chromium (AlCr, CrAl) Alloy Sputtering Targets

  • Purity: 99.7%
  • Relative Density: 99.9%
  • Composition: CrAl 30/70 at% or Custom-Made
  • Shape: Discs, Plate, Step (Dia 300mm, Thickness 1mm) Rectangle (length 704mm, width 150, thickness 10mm), Sheet, Step (Length 500mm, Width 200mm, Thickness 1mm) Tube( Diameter< 300mm, Thickness >2mm )

Aluminum Chromium (AlCr) Alloys

  • Component: AlCr10, AlCr20, Custom-Made
  • Shape: Ingots, Irregular pieces, Lumps, Custom-Made

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