Activated Carbon Powder for Anode Materials

Maximize the efficiency of your supercapacitor applications with MSE Supplies' activated carbon powder. Our carbon powder is the perfect anode material, enhancing power density, cycling life and overall system resistance. In addition to activated carbon powder, we also offer graphene and graphene oxide anode materials.

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What is Activated Carbon Powder

Activated carbon powder is a refined form of carbon with an ultra-high specific surface area resulting from an advanced activation process. The inherent porosity of this active carbon powder, coupled with its expansive surface area, makes it particularly beneficial in energy storage, notably supercapacitors and certain battery technologies, where surface area plays a crucial role in enhancing performance.

What Applications Can Activated Carbon Powder Be Used For?

Activated carbon powder finds application in numerous sectors due to its unique physical and chemical characteristics:

  • Supercapacitors: Activated carbon powder's high specific surface area and porosity make it an optimal material for supercapacitor electrodes. It significantly enhances power density and the longevity of the charge-discharge cycles.
  • Battery Technologies: In the realm of battery technologies, particularly in metal-air and lithium-ion batteries, activated carbon powder is used in the anode. Its large surface area and good conductivity assist in efficient ion transfer, improving battery performance.
  • WasteWater Treatment: Its capacity for adsorption makes activated carbon powder an ideal choice for water purification systems. It effectively adsorbs contaminants, resulting in safer water.
  • Gas Adsorption: Carbon powder is also a critical component in air filtration technologies due to its ability to adsorb gases, courtesy of its vast surface area and porosity.

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