Gallium Nitride GaN Template on Sapphire (0001) N-type P-type Semi-Insulating

Gallium Nitride (GaN) Template on Sapphire, C plane (0001). N-type, P-type or semi-insulating (SI) GaN templates are available. These high quality GaN templates on Sapphire substrate have a usable area of more than 90%.

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What are Gallium Nitride Templates?

Gallium nitride (GaN) templates are thin films of GaN material deposited on a substrate, commonly sapphire or silicon. GaN, a highly robust wide band gap semiconductor, possesses excellent heat resistance and high electron mobility, making it ideal for high-frequency, high-power devices. The gallium nitride template serves as the foundational layer for device fabrication, ensuring optimal structural and electronic properties. These templates come in various types: N-type, P-type or semi-insulating, depending on the doping used.

What Applications Are GaN Templates Used For?

GaN templates, especially those with sapphire GaN as the substrate, find critical applications across various industries.

  • High-frequency Devices: Given GaN's high electron mobility, gallium nitride templates are excellent for fabricating high-frequency and high-power electronics such as radar systems, satellite communications and 5G networks.
  • LEDs and Laser Diodes: The GaN on sapphire combination is particularly prevalent in the production of blue LEDs and laser diodes due to gallium nitride’s superior light emission capabilities.
  • Power Electronics: Thermal stability makes these templates ideal for power electronic devices that operate under high temperature and high voltage conditions.

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