Graphene based batteries are lighter, more durable with higher capacity of energy storage.

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The potential of graphene for batteries becomes more and more obvious. Recently, Saint Jean Carbon announced that it has started the design and build of graphene based lithium-ion batteries.  SJC Stated that a single layer of graphite with 99.999999%C and single atom thickness will be used to create the anode. The company expects to reach extremely high performance lithium-ion battery application in two year with internal R&D.

Graphene has been proven to be a wonder material. Its unique honeycomb lattice structure provides numerous extraordinary material properties. It is extremely light and mechanically flexible with a large surface area. It also can be considered as a promising candidate for electrical and thermal conductor. In the field of batteries, conventional battery performance can be significantly improved by introducing graphene. Graphene based batteries are lighter, more durable with higher capacity of energy storage. It also will shorten the battery charging time and extend the battery life-time. Moreover, Li-ion batteries can be enhanced by introducing graphene to the battery’s anode and improving the material conductivity and surface area to achieve the morphology optimization as well as performance.

The first graphene-base battery worldwide was announced by Vorbeck Materials in June 2014. It was a 450gram weight flexible power source functioning as a mobile charging station. It could be easily attached to any existing bag strap and provided 7200 mAh via 2 USB and one micro USB ports.

Development of graphene based batteries was accelerated by industry of electric vehicles. In August 2014, Tesla suggested the development of a “new battery technology” that will double the capacity for their Model S electric car. People suspect that new battery might be graphene based. Another American company Angstron Materials built a product line of graphene-enhanced anode materials for high capacity Lithium-ion batteries. 3D graphene batteries also has been proposed by US based Graphene 3D labs. The graphene-based batteries can potentially outperform conventional commercial batteries as well as introducing variability of shapes and sizes.

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