YVO4 undoped, yttrium orthovanadate Crystal

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  Undoped YVO4 is an excellent newly developed birefringence optical crystal .

  • It has very good transmission in a wide wavelength range from visible to infrared.
  • It has large index of refractivity and birefringence difference.
  • Compared with other important birefringence crystals, YVO4 has higher. hardness, better fabrication property, water insoluble and man-made than calcite (CaCO3 single crystal). 
  • Easier to get large, high quality crystal and lower cost than rutile (TiO2 single crystal). 

Those outstanding properties make YVO4 very important birefringence optical material and widely used in opto-electronic research, development and industry. For example, the optical communication system needs a huge quantity devices of undoped YVO4, such as fible optical isolators, circulators, beam displacers, Glan polarizers and other polarizing devices. 


Crystal structure: Cubic

Crystal orientation: <111>

Lattice Parameter:  a=12.01Å

Density: 4.56(g/cm3)

Hardness: 8.5(mohs)

Melt point: 1970℃

Thermal expansion: 7.8 x 10-6 /℃

Size available(mm): 25×25×0.5mm、10×10×0.5mm、10×5×0.5mm、5×5×0.5mm
Special size and orientation are available upon request

Surface roughness(Ra): <=5 Å

Polishing: Single or double

Packing: Clean room

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