Ytterbium Fluoride Sputtering Target YbF<sub>3</sub>,  MSE Supplies LLC

Ytterbium Fluoride Sputtering Target YbF3

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Shop both standard and custom made Ytterbium Fluoride Sputtering Target YbF3 at MSE Supplies.

Chemical Name: Ytterbium Fluoride

Formula: YbF3

Molar mass: 230.04 g/mol

Density: 8.2 g/cm³

Boiling point: 4,316°F (2,380°C)

Melting point: 1,926°F (1,052°C)

Color: white 

Processing method: hot pressing

Size and shape: can be custom made. please contact us for a quote

Typical purity: 99.99% trace metals basis