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Vacuum Release Station for Vacuum Release Tray

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Vacuum Release Station for Vacuum Release Tray

Comparable to Gel-Pak Vacuum Release Tray and Base, MSE Supplies Vacuum Release (VR) Station is designed for releasing fragile or thin devices from vacuum release trays. It is compatible with our 2'' and 4'' Vacuum Release (VR) trays. 


 Item SKU Weight(kg) Materials Thickness(mm)
VR station for 2'' VR tray CA0344 0.558 Al 3
VR station for 4'' VR tray CA0345 1.33 Al 3


VR station for 2'' VR tray

VR station for 4'' VR tray

PVC tube (1m) with outer diameter of 8mm and inner diameter of 5mm is included for vacuum connection.

User Guides:

During shipping, handling and processing, the elastic film in the VR tray holds the fragile devices (chips for example) tightly by large surface contact area. For releasing, when vacuum underneath the VR tray is applied, the contact area between the elastic film and what is on it is reduced, setting it in release mode. The VR trays and VR stations are reusable if necessary.

2'' and 4'' VR trays and Vacuum pumps are not included in the Vacuum release station and can be ordered separately with additional cost.  

Steps of how to use the VR station:

1. Put the VR tray in the squire slot in the VR station, making sure the O-ring is well aliened so to provide best vacuum underneath the VR tray.

2. Connect the VR station to the Vacuum pump.

3. Remove the cover of the VR tray, turn the vacuum pump on, setting the VR tray to release mode.

4. Using vacuum pen or tweezer to move the target devices.  

5. Turn the vacuum pump off to set the VR tray to secure mode.

6. Put the cover back on the VR tray and remove the VR tray from the VR station.