Two Tier, 8-jar, Lab Jar Mill stand, JM-8-2, roller mill stand

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Grinding Tools : Horizontal Grinding Jar

Number of Grinding Jar : 8

Grinding Jar Volumes : 0.1L to 5L each

Rotational Speed of Grind Jar : up to 410 rpm

Control: Programmable frequency controller, control of speed, time and time interval control.

Suggested Max. Running Time between Intervals: < 72 Hours

No. of Rollers : 6

Space Between Rollers: adjustable, max. 300 mm

Roller Dimension: 30 mm Diameter

Roller Length : 609 mm

Power Supply: 110 V or 220 V AC, 1.5 KW, 50/60 Hz

Overall Dimension : W881*D660*H950mm

Net Weight : 100KG

Shipping weight: 135 Kg

Warranty: 1 year warranty after delivery.

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