Titanium Aluminum Sputtering Target TiAl

Titanium Aluminum Sputtering Target TiAl

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Titanium aluminum alloy sputtering target can be made by two ways, HIP and melting. The target by HIP will be higher density. The target by melting will be higher purity. All is based on your application.                

  • Purity: Al-Ti35/65 at%  Al/Ti 50:50 at%,99.95%,99.5%
  • Shape: Discs, Plate, Step (Dia ≤300mm,  Thickness ≥1mm) Rectangle, Sheet,  Step (Length ≤1000mm, Width ≤300mm, Thickness ≥1mm) Tube( Diameter< 300mm,  Thickness >2mm ) 
  • Application: Primary used in tools coating, Non-corrosion Valve/Chemical Plants, Marine Industrials.

Titanium Aluminum (TiAl) Alloy 

  • Purity: Al-Ti (35/65at%),  Al/Ti (50:50 at%),AlTi 97/3wt%, AiTi 95/5wt%, AlTi 90/10wt%
  • Shape: Granules, Ingot, broken ingot

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