Spectroscopic Window


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Those windows are made of materials commonly used in spectro-electrochemical cells. Both surfaces are optically polished. The edges are chamfered to reduce the risk of breaking during the cell assembly. 

Application Note:
Fused quartz window (JGS3) is a preferred material in transmission spectro-electrochemistry in the band from 260 nm to 3500 nm. Sapphire window offers wide band transmission from UV to Mid-IR (150 nm to 5500 nm) and this specific crystallographic orientation is a default window material for Raman spectroscopy. Calcium Fluoride (CaF₂, 130 nm to 10000 nm) and Zinc Selenide (ZnSe, 600 nm to 22000 nm) are commonly used for spectroscopy in IR spectroscopy. 

    Diameter: 25 mm
    Thickness: 1 mm

    Product Includes:
    1 x spectroscopic window of selected material, 25 mm dia., 1 mm thick,