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MSE PRO Single Crystal CVD Diamond Plate (Thickness: 0.3mm, Ra < 20nm)

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MSE PRO Single Crystal CVD Diamond Plate (Thickness: 0.3mm, Ra < 20nm)

Single Crystal CVD Diamond Plate has several advantages over various materials which are commonly used in the semiconductor industry. It has exceptional electron mobility and thermal conductivity, high resistance to thermal shock, and an even wider bandgap than GaN and SiC. These advantages make it an essential material in various industries, including electronics, semiconductors, precision tooling, medical and quantum optics. For example, researchers at CNRS use diamond wafers for power electronics applications. They achieve outstanding performance with high switching frequency and low total loss in both room and high temperatures compared to commercialized SiC devices.


Grade Optical Grade
Face Orientation {100}
Edge Orientation <100>
Thickness 0.3 mm
Thickness Tolerance
± 0.05 mm
Surface Finish

Single Side Polished;

Polished side:  Ra < 20 nm

Unpolished side: Ra < 1 μm

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