Silicon Carbide Sputtering Target SiC,  MSE Supplies

Silicon Carbide Sputtering Target SiC

  • $ 45360


To add a Cu Backing Plate with Indium Bonding for Sputtering Targets  

If you need customized polycrystalline silicon carbide (SiC) sintered parts, please contact MSE Supplies for a quote ( We can make precision SiC ceramic parts with drawings provided by our customers. 

Material Type Silicon Carbide
Symbol SiC
Melting Point (°C) ~2,700
Theoretical Density (g/cc) 3.22
Z Ratio **1.00
Sputter RF
Max Power Density
(Watts/Square Inch)
Type of Bond Indium, Elastomer
Comments Sputtering preferred.
Purity 99.5%