MSE PRO PEEK Split Cell Test Kit for Solid State Lithium Battery Research

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PEEK Split Cell Test Kit for Solid State Lithium Battery Research

Product SKU#: BR0101

This split cell test kit is designed by Ampcera Inc for the development and testing of solid-state electrolyte materials. It can be used under pressure for solid-state battery research and product quality control. 

The lithium ionic conductivity of a solid state electrolyte material can be measured by pressing the solid electrolyte material between the two stainless steel working electrodes. 

When doing a liner sweep voltammetry (LSV) test, the electrolyte membrane is sandwiched between the stainless steel working electrode and the lithium metal foil, which is used as a counter and reference electrode. 

The Pressure Jig and Load Sensor Kit can be ordered together with this PEEK Split Cell Test Kit along with additional PEEK Sleeves and Screws.

This test kit is also used for Lithium / Lithium symmetric cell testing

Interior Diameter: 12 mm

Exterior Diameter: 50 mm

Sleeve Length: 35 mm

Assembled Height: 86 mm

Maximum working pressure: 350 MPa

Maximum working temperature: 250 °C

Sleeve material: Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) 

Pushing rod material (working electrode): stainless steel

Product customization is available upon request