Nickel Silicide Sputtering Target NiSi

Nickel Silicide Sputtering Target NiSi

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Nickel silicides have been used as electronic materials such as contacts for field effect transistors (FET), interconnects and in nanoelectronic devices. 

NiSi is a low resistance compensated metal. Previous electrical and Hall probe measurements, especially on the single crystal specimen, of NiSi revealed two interesting properties: (a) very small resistivity of ~ 10 micro Ohm cm at room temperature, and (b) the change in the nature of the charge carrier at T ~ 40 K. The sign of Hall coefficient, RH, changes from negative, at T >= 40 K, to positive at T <= 40 K. This is not unusual in metals and also frequently occurs in compensated semimetals. 

NiSi sputtering targets of customized shapes and sizes are available from MSE Supplies. 

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