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NEST PCR Sealing Films

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NEST PCR Sealing Films


Nest PCR sealing film can be used with both Elisa plates and PCR plates. The film can minimize the solution evaporation even under high temperature.
Both common and advanced films are available.
For PCR, these seals are intended to be able to be removed so that the reaction plate samples can be transferred. 
For qPCR, these seals have a heat seal function due to the strength of the adhesive material and are intended to be for single use, since the reaction plate is typically analyzed within a qPCR machine. 
Common Sealing Film Product Features
• Non-permeable film, medical grade glue
• Compatible with most PCR plates
• Good sealing performance

Advanced PCR Sealing Film Product Features
• Suitable for use between -70°C—100°C
• Non-tacky to skin and gloves
• Minimal to no Auto-fluorescence

SKU Name
Color /Pack /Case
410001 PCR Common Sealing  Film 146 × 81 Transparent 100 500
410011 Advanced  sealing film for qPCR 141 × 78 Transparent 100 500