NEST 5-layer Cell Culture Flasks, Straight Neck, TC, Sterile

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Product details:

Nest cell culture flasks are manufactured from high clarity medical grade polystyrene material under ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems. These flasks can provide the highest level cell protection during long-term cultivation and cell expansion. They can provide 870 cm2 cell growth surface area. The caps has two options: plug seal cap and vent cap. The high-quality breathable membranes in the vent cap ensure the best possible environment for your cell cultures.


•  Growth area: 870 cm2
•  TC treatment for better cell attachment
•  Sterilized by E-Beam, non-pyrogenic
•  Both plug seal cap and vent cap are available
•  Tips: To avoid foams and bubbles causing the media in upper layer flowing into the bottom layer, users should be gently when operating the multi-layer flasks.

Cell Growth Area (cm²)
Recommended Medium Volume (mL) Cap Style TC Treated /Case
870 100~150 Sealed  Yes 8
870 100~150 Vent  Yes 8


Shipping information:

 SKU# Dimensions LxWxH (inch) Weight (lb)
17x12x9 9
17x12x9 9