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Nanocrine ECM-Functionalized Surfaces


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Nanocrine ECM-Functionalized Surfaces

Nanocrine ECM-functionalized surfaces promote cell attachment through mimicking in vivo environments and are suitable for a wide variety of cell types including stem cells, primary cells, and low or serum-free applications. The ECM-functionalized surfaces are ready-to-use out of the packaging, reducing wasted time and effort, and are functionally lot-validated for reliability.

Products include a variety of coatings offered on different form factors for ease-of-use in established workflows. Coatings included are:

  • Fibronectin (human)
  • Vitronectin (human)
  • Laminin (mouse) (human coming soon!)
  • Collagen I (human)
  • Collagen IV (human)
  • Poly-D-Lysine peptide
  • cRGD peptide


  • Increased attachment and spreading of a variety of cell types, including neurons, stem cells, and cardiomyocytes.
  • Useful for studies of cell migration, mitosis, and differentiation.
  • Increased reliability and yield when working with primary cells.


  • Shipping Conditions: Ambient with desiccant and oxygen absorber.
  • Storage: 2−8 °C, protected from light.
  • Sterility: Shipped sterile, can be sterilized with 70% ethanol.
  • Usage: Designed for single use.
 SKU # Coating  Format
NAFN0001 Fibronectin 12 mm Coverglass
NAFN0002 Fibronectin 18 mm Coverglass
NAFN0003 Fibronectin 30 mm Coverglass
NAFN0004 Fibronectin 35 mm Glass-bottom Dish
NAFN0005 Fibronectin 16-well Coverglass
NAVN0001 Vitronectin 12 mm Coverglass
NAVN0002 Vitronectin 18 mm Coverglass
NAVN0003 Vitronectin 30 mm Coverglass
NAVN0004 Vitronectin 35 mm Glass-bottom Dish
NAVN0005 Vitronectin 16-well Coverglass
NALA0001 Laminin 12 mm Coverglass
NALA0002 Laminin 18 mm Coverglass
NALA0003 Laminin 30 mm Coverglass
NALA0004 Laminin 35 mm Glass-bottom Dish
NALA0005 Laminin 16-well Coverglass
NAC10001 Collagen I 12 mm Coverglass
NAC10002 Collagen I 18 mm Coverglass
NAC10003 Collagen I 30 mm Coverglass
NAC10004 Collagen I 35 mm Glass-bottom Dish
NAC10005 Collagen I 16-well Coverglass
NAC40001 Collagen IV 12 mm Coverglass
NAC40002 Collagen IV 18 mm Coverglass
NAC40003 Collagen IV 30 mm Coverglass
NAC40004 Collagen IV 35 mm Glass-bottom Dish
NAC40005 Collagen IV 16-well Coverglass
NADL0001 Poly-D-Lysine 12 mm Coverglass
NADL0002 Poly-D-Lysine 18 mm Coverglass
NADL0003 Poly-D-Lysine 30 mm Coverglass
NADL0004 Poly-D-Lysine 35 mm Glass-bottom Dish
NADL0005 Poly-D-Lysine 16-well Coverglass
NARG0101 cRGD 12 mm Coverglass
NARG0102 cRGD 18 mm Coverglass
NARG0103 cRGD 30 mm Coverglass
NARG0104 cRGD 35 mm Glass-bottom Dish
NARG0105 cRGD 16-well Coverglass