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MSE PRO Multilayer Molybdenum Carbide (Mo2C) MXene Material

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MSE PRO Multilayer Molybdenum Carbide (Mo2C) MXene Material

  • Chemical Name: Molybdenum Carbide (Mo2C)
  • CAS Number: 12069-89-5
  • Molecular Weight: 203.89 g/mol
  • Product Number: 1g (PO6759) and 5g (PO6760)
  • Appearance: Black Powder
  • Diameter: 1-5 um
  • Purity: >99 wt.%
  • Storage Conditions: Low temperature, dry and sealed must be stored in an inert atmosphere
  • Process: HF treatment or HCl+LiF treatment

We also offer single layer and multilayer powder and solution with different surface function, please contact us for more detail.


Multilayer Molybdenum Carbide (Mo2C) MXene Material is an innovative new material, featuring an organ-like morphology of Molybdenum Carbide. It offers superior mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and electrocatalytic activity. With these properties, it is ideal for use in biomedical applications as well as energy storage, catalysis, and electronics.

Notes: More detailed product information including SDS, certificate of analysis (COA), lead time and volume pricing are available upon request. Please contact MSE Supplies if you need bulk pricing. 


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