MSE PRO Y-Stabilized Zirconia Milling (YSZ) Vacuum Jar for Planetary Mills (All sizes)

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Specifications for Zirconia Vacuum Milling Jars

  • Vacuum grinding jars are designed for milling and grinding operations either in vacuum or under inert gas. Vacuum grinding jars are used primarily with materials that are at risk of oxidization during the grinding process. The tight seal prevents oxygen, water, and other airborne contaminants from interacting with the materials inside the jar.
  • This Zirconia vacuum planetary milling jars has a grade 304 stainless steel jacket.  
  • Grinding jars are used in the fields of Metallurgy, Electronics, Construction Material, Ceramics, Chemical Engineering, Light Industry, Medicine, Environmental Protection, Paint, Ink, Geology and so on.
  • Each jar set includes grinding jar, lid, silicone sealing gasket, and vacuum sleeve. 
  • Milling media sold separately

  • Please note that the 50ml vacuum jar will not fit in the 0.2L mill.

    Features of Zirconia Milling Jar

    • Material: Y stabilized Zirconium Oxide -ZrO2
    • Max Loading Capacity: 2/3 capacity of the grinding jar
    • Density: 6.06 g/cm3
    • Color: ivory white
    • Shape: cylindrical
    • Hardness: >89 HRA
    • Abrasion Resistance: very good
    • Suitable for: fibrous, abrasive samples
    • Max Working Temperature: 320 oC
    • Attachment: lid and rubber sealing gasket
    • Grind Balls: zirconium oxide balls
    • Grind Ball Sizes: 1 mm - 50mm beads are available
    Jar Size  SKU

    50 ml YSZ Vacuum Jar

    (requires special clamp to use in our ball mill, please contact us)

    For 0.4L ball mill only

    50 ml YSZ Vacuum Jar for 1-4L ball mill JA0226
    100 ml YSZ Vacuum Jar JA0220
    250 ml YSZ Vacuum Jar JA0221
    500 ml YSZ Vacuum Jar JA0223
    1000 ml YSZ Vacuum Jar JA0224
    1500 ml YSZ Vacuum Jar JA0225

    Please note:  IF you need a size not listed contact us at 

    Did You Know?

    A stainless steel sleeve can be added to convert to rotary mill (roller mill) application, please contact us for specific requirement.