MSE PRO Wafer Tweezers (pack of 2)

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MSE PRO™ Wafer Tweezers (pack of 2)

MSE Supplies offers wafer tweezers with various prong tip options. The handle is made of non-magnetic 302 stainless steel. These wafer tweezers' special design allows the users to grip and handle the wafers and chips safely without contaminations. They are mainly used in semiconductor, microelectronics, fibers and many other fields.


SKU# LS0602 LS0603 LS0604 LS0605 LS0606
Material 302 Stainless Steel 
Prong Tip 2 3 4 5 6
Length  125mm 140mm 125mm 140mm 130mm
Rigidity (HRC) 30 ~ 35
Pack 2pc/pack

*Please note that actual product might be different from the picture.