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MSE PRO Ultrasonic Extraction Processing Device for Substance Extracting

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MSE PRO Ultrasonic Extraction Processing Device for Substance Extracting

An ultrasonic extractor is a device that utilizes intense ultrasonic waves to induce cavitation, fragmentation, and emulsification in solids and liquids. It extracts substances by adding various reagents to the material cells under controlled temperature and stirring conditions according to reaction requirements. It can be utilized for the disintegration of cells from various animals and plants, including viruses, bacteria, and tissues, as well as for the restructuring of inorganic substances.


  • Accurate temperature control with temperature measurement capability
  • Flexible parameters allowing for arbitrary settings within the range of ultrasonic time, power, and stirring speed
  • Intelligent system integrating microcomputer control, frequency selection, temperature measurement, and protection using software and hardware technologies

Brand: MSE PRO™ 

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

MSE Supplies offers a variant of ultrasonic extractor with different capacity and ultrasonic power. Please contact us for more information.


SKU# MA1011
Voltage  110V 60Hz
Operating Frequency 20-25 KHz
Ultrasonic Power 20-1000 W
Reaction Volume 5 L
Tip Ф15 mm
Mixing Power 60 W
Stirring Speed 10-1200 r/min
Cooling Capacity
500 W
Cooling Temperature -5°C ~ Room Temperature
Chamber Material Glass
Warranty One-year limited warranty. Not responsible for damage caused by improper use.