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MSE PRO Tri-Nitrogen-doped Graphdiyne Powder, 10 mg/bottle

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MSE PRO™ Tri-Nitrogen-doped Graphdiyne Powder


Graphdiyne features abundant carbon-carbon bonds, a large conjugated system, wide interlayer spacing, and excellent chemical stability. The doping Nitrogen modifies the surface defect of N-Graphdiyne and further greatly improves their quantum yield. In addition, the doping N induces a strong electron transport ability and good conductivity of N-Graphdiyne. It present extensive application prospects in fields such as gas separation, catalysis, water treatment, electronics, humidity sensors, energy, and more.

Store sealed and light-protected at room temperature.

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  • SKU#: PO9409
  • Lateral Size: 50-200 nm
  • Appearance: Black powder
  • Nitrogen content: 13.04 at%
  • Package Size: 10 mg/bottle


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