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MSE PRO TEM Specimen Holder Vacuum Pumping Station

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MSE PRO™ TEM Specimen Holder Vacuum Pumping Station

MSE Supplies offers a TEM Specimen Holder Vacuum Pumping Station. TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) sample rods, when exposed to the atmosphere for an extended period, can accumulate moisture and pollutants from the air on the surface. This can lead to prolonged vacuum pumping times for the electron microscope and contamination of the vacuum chamber, internal components such as poles, and detectors.

This product utilizes an oil-free diaphragm pump to generate a clean vacuum in the range of 100 Pa, achieving vacuum pumping in less than 1 minute. It is particularly suitable for daily vacuum storage of sample rods or removal of moisture (vacuum storage for approximately six months is equivalent to the moisture adsorption of one day in atmospheric conditions). The touchscreen provides independent control for vacuum pumping and release operations at each sample rod storage position, making it a plug-and-play solution.

Technical Specifications

SKU# MA0607
Pumping Speed > 0.7 m3/h
Pumping Time < 1 mins
Ultimate Vacuum < 300 Pa
Storage Pressure 400-1000 Pa
Vacuum Measurement Measurement Range: Atmospheric Pressure to 1 Pa, Pirani Vacuum Gauge
Storage Quantity Max. 5 Transmission Sample Rods, Optional Flanges for Thermo, JEOL, Hitachi
Operation Method  Touch Screen Control
Weight  about 15 kg
Dimension 362*426*249 mm
Supply Voltage 110 V (220 V, other voltages are available upon request)
Power Consumption < 200 W
Cooling Method Air cooled
Warranty One-year limited warranty with lifetime product support