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MSE PRO Semi-Auto Electrode Winding Machine for Cylinder Cell Research

  • $ 3,03800

MSE PRO™ Semi-Auto Electrode Winding Machine for Cylinder Cell Research

MSE Supplies offers a benchtop semi-auto electrode winding machine. It is widely used to wind the electrodes and separators together for cylinder cell research. 

This machine can be used for cylinder battery with round winding shaft. The core size can be customized. Square winding shaft for pouch cell core winding can also be customized for pouch cell winding. Please contact us for more information.

MSE Supplies is a US-based leading supplier of battery research materials and equipment with thousands of customers worldwide. 


    Product number (SKU#) BR0251
    Winding speed 0~170rpm adjustable
    Winding direction Switchable between clockwise and counterclockwise
    Guiding plate 150x105mm
    Compatible cylinder cell Dimensions: 4mm(OD) x 65mm(L) for 18650 cylinder cell
    Other sizes like 26650 and 32650 are available upon request
    Voltage 110VAC
    Net weight 20kg
    Dimension 360*310*280mm