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MSE PRO Roller Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Pilot Battery Production

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MSE Supplies offers an automatic welding machine used for Al foil and Ni tab automatic ultrasonic welding. The roll electrode is put on the welder through the entire process automatically: Unreel Axle--Auto-into Battery Tab--Ultrasonic Welding--Glue Stick--Powder Sweep--Reel. 

Equipment price depends on the electrode design details. This machine is designed for the pilot battery production after electrode slitting. Other customizable design is also available upon request.

Electrode design range for reference (unit: mm)

Length Width  Thickness  Max. outside diameter  Inner diameter
Electrode 300-1200 100-200 0.1-0.28 Ф450 ф76.2
Tab 25-60 10 0.1-0.15 Ф400
Tape 68 14 0.05-0.08 ф200


SKU BR0339
Source voltage AC110V/50Hz/Single phase (Customizable)
Power 6KW
Compressed air 0.4~0.8Mpa
Vacuum degree -101kpa ~ 50kpa with vacuum flow 20L/min
Feeding mode Rolling
Welding area  Customized according to the electrode design
Tab welding skewness  ±3°
Welding tension  ≥15N
Cutting burr  ≤0.007mm
Operating environment Temperature : 20~35℃
Humidity : 5~55%HR
Dimension (L*W*H) 2400*1300*2000mm
Weight 1200kg